Just random stuffs and scraps about everything.

No niche, no problem.

This is my blog about anything I wanted to share online.

Social media platforms, for me, has its very own specific use-case, Instagram for example is where I publish my photos online, and sometimes get dramatic over a picture of a plant. I know, it's silly, but that's how I see Instagram and I think some users will agree, too. There's this old joke about Instagram users where you instantly turn "emo" after adding filters to your photos. I guess that made Instagram for what it is now and for what people perceived it, at least for old Instagram users like me.

Facebook on the other hand, is where "fun" happens, it's laid-back, it means friends and family, and it's where I can be my "fun" self. Posting memes most of the time, joking with friends, and sharing memories. It's the oldest platform that I'm still active on — I was a member since 2008 I think, that's a lot of data I shared with Facebook right? It is where I had my very first conversations with my wife back when we were still acquaintances, it was more than a decade ago. Today we're happily married, and I thank Facebook for being part of our lives.

I don't know, but why do I feel obliged to sound smart when I'm on Twitter? It's supposed to be the platform where you can speak out your mind, but I find myself composing my tweets really hard. Is it because I used it professionally or is it because it's a platform for conversation? We have this perception of twitter having the wittiest user-base in the Philippines, it's where the intellectuals flock, is that the reason why I feel pressured every time I try to tweet? All I know is that I decided to spend my time elsewhere than on Twitter.

LinkedIn. It doesn't feel like a social media platform anymore, I just go there to update my professional profile, maybe the bots have taken over? Professional messages and greetings feels artificial, I find no genuine connection between people anymore, all I can see is people hoarding endorsements as if it improves their skills. It's fake, and like Facebook "likes" it creates this illusion of self-worth for some people, which ultimately makes it a toxic environment.

So, why the need to create this blog? For me, having a personal blog feels like writing a journal, you just pour out what you're thinking of without minding who can read it. Yes, it's publicly accessible, but it won't get shared on your friends' feed. To actually read what I'm writing now, you have to intentionally visit this blog where it is published. The illusion of privacy, no constraint, not a hint of niche, and no socially accepted social media rules are few of the things that makes me comfortable in sharing my stuff to this blog.