Hello, world, I'm blogging, finally

Thougths on blogging and online presence

I find it really hard to start blogging even though I'm well aware of the fact that it can help with my online presence. A necessity if you're working online, like how can they trust you if they know nothing about you other than the marketing website you created for your self-built brand.

I was always thinking about "what niche, what content" should my blog be about, and following from the "online presence" necessity, it requires you to blog about topics in line with your service, but here I am, writing just about anything without direction.

There are thousands of online courses about building your persona online and blog about your niche, it's good advice, and I think it's the only way to market yourself as an expert, but it doesn't feel genuine anymore. Once you started building your professional persona, you instantly get categorized as "just a web developer" for example, how many of us fall under the same category? How many of us got rejected because our rates are tad higher than the average "just a web developer" rate?

Should people seek out our personalities first before deciding to hire us? No, that is not my point and that is not how it works. What I'm saying is, we tend to lose our personality by building our professional profile too much just to get ahead of our peers.

I fell in the same hole, I was anxious, I was careful on what type of content should I post online that doesn't damage my professional profile, that led me to not post anything online at all. Aside from being anxious, I don't really enjoy writing informative articles for the benefit of my readers. Some people enjoy blogging and make money money out of it, but I'm happier at web development. I may write web development advice in the future but will never be intended for search engines.